Welcome to the Lovett School Wiki Server!


The Lovett School's wiki server enables faculty and students to create collaborative, web-based sites for research, knowledge-sharing, and presentation. The wiki server is built on a Wikispaces platform meaning the navigation and editing tools are identical to those on the general Wikispaces platform we have used in the past. Having the wiki server hosted locally will give us much more administrative capacity to support our teachers and classrooms.



All Lovett students, grades K-12, have accounts on the Lovett wiki server. The students will use their Gmail login; passwords will vary and depend on settings made by each student. The sign in link is located in the upper right hand corner of each wiki page. Students should not click on JOIN. If they do, the administrators will reject their request as they are already members of the Lovett wiki server and additional accounts will not be added. Once they are signed in they will access their dashboard. This dashboard indicates which wikis (of their own creation or those generated by their teachers) they belong to and therefore can edit.

For a student to edit a particular classroom wiki, or a wiki that is not of their own creation, they need to 1) be invited by the organizer of that wiki to join the wiki, or 2) request to "Join the Wiki" by clicking on the Join This Wiki link on the home page of the wiki they are trying to join. Organizers (typically teachers or a technology staff member) will then approve the student's request via a server-generated email.

Faculty and Administrators

Accounts for faculty and administrators are set up by the individual person by going to http://www.wiki.lovett.org and clicking on "Join." You will be walked through a process for setting up your account on the server (you'll be asked to provide a username and password--we recommend you use your first class username and password for ease of recall), and you'll have the option of "making a new wiki" at sign in. Once signed in, you can easily begin a new wiki site of your own by clicking on "Create a New Wiki."

Important Considerations

Wikis are wonderful tools for both content management (classroom syllabus, notes, calendar, resources) and within-the-classroom and "beyond" student-student and teacher-teacher and teacher-student collaboration. Resources that can be uploaded to a wiki include, but are not limited to: Powerpoints, Spreadsheets, Word Docs, PDFs, Images, Videos, Google Calendars, RSS Feeds, Slide Shows, Maps, Polls, and a variety of Widgets. Also, you can link to anything available online using the hyperlinked text tool.

Each wiki page has a separate History tab (indicating who made which change at what time on what day), the ability to revert to a previous version of a page (in case someone clicks "save" and has made a mistake) and a Discussion tab so that conversation around the content on the page can be easily accessible and tied closely to its source. Finally, each page has a Notify Me tab permitting each user to follow the changes on the page (including any discussion) via email or RSS feed to a content reader.


If you are interested in considering how a wiki might support 21st Century Learning in your classroom, please contact your division's academic technology team.


How does a wiki work? What are those tabs across the top of each page? How does the toolbar work? How do I upload files and add videos? Check out these resources:
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